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We are all living in cages with the door wide open. On a mission to disrupt the system one BS taboo at a time. Podcast coming soon! ?Topanga, CA

Decorative Sugar Cookies

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Coconut Milk Eggnog
I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I'm already hardcore feeling the holiday itch. Delicious Dairy-Free Paleo Egg Nog using @thenewbarn almond milk and @vitalproteins collagen!
Green Protein Waffles
It’s #NationalWaffleDay?! How perfect is that?! You only have 7 MORE HOURS to enter to win my giveaway for this Pro Series 750 @vitamix in COPPER!
Homemade Whole 30 Salad Dressing
Brand new recipe on the blog: Everyday Whole30 Salad Dressing! This super fresh and versatile dressing can be used on just about any salad and is a breeze to make thanks to my @vitamix... Which ICYMI, I am giving away the exact model I have (in COPPER) to one lucky winner!
Apricot Fig Breakfast Salad
Sick of eggs and bacon for breakfast on your Whole30? Yeah, me too. ? . Try this DELISH Apricot & Fig Breakfast Salad! Yes, you read that right, salad for breakfast! Throw some of these together over the weekend and have them on hand for grab and go meals! Such a great way to ensure you are getting enough veggies, even in the morning!??
Halibut Ceviche
New recipe up on the blog just in time for Cinco De Mayo... Halibut Ceviche! ????? Tap the link in my bio or go to to get the recipe for this simple and amazingly fresh, no-cook dish! ??
Love me a fancy beverage and a good marketing campaign. ? For every photo shared of this limited edition #LivinginGratitude kombucha, @gtskombucha will provide 10 meals to those in need - up to 500,000 meals. Who’s tried this flavor!?
I always post finished photos of my @sunbasket meals, but today I figured I’d show you guys the “before” pic. Sun Basket is similar to all the rest of those meal delivery companies, but with a few HUGE differences - . 1. As you can see from the labels, the vast majority of the ingredients are organic. Which obviously means they are also non-gmo and sourced from reputable suppliers that I am more than happy to support. 2. There are TONS of gluten free, dairy free, paleo and Whole30 compliant options. In fact, the vast majority of meals are that way. 3. Every. single. part. of the packaging is recyclable. This extremely important for a company that uses as much packaging as they do. . Yes, I am affiliate of @sunbasket, but as always, I would never ever promote a company I didn’t have the utmost respect for. . Get 50% off your first order (that’s 6 meals $30!!!) by going to and hitting “redeem offer”. ??
Sunday mornings brought to you by @fourthandheart. Vanilla Bean ghee in my coffee and their new Chocti spread on a @canyonglutenfree bagel. UNREAL. ?? (More info about these new spreads in my stories!)
When you realize you can order from @erewhonmarket on @instacart, you make a series of poor decisions that neglect all of your healthy spending habits and any attempt to limit sugar intake. Oops. But seriously this almond milk was blue had fucking pearls in it so how could I not buy it!? ??‍♀️