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Creamy Peppermint Patty
Hi guys! How was your weekend? Spent mine pretty much relaxing, and eating good food. Saturday night my husband and I made dumplings and Sunday I cooked a big breakfast for brunch. I'll add a photo in my story if you'd like to check it out. Hope you had a good one!
Vegan Lemon Curd Tart
LEMON TART recipe! For those who wanted the LEMON CURD, it's below (I've added coconut oil for the purpose of the filling setting properly. If you use the curd for other purposes I imagine that you wouldn't want to include the coconut oil so it doesn't set as much). You can add more sweetener to the tart shell / curd if you prefer it more on the sweeter side. Enjoy!
Curried Egg Sandwich
Curried 'egg' sandwiches! Yes please! I used all my cellular data by accident the other night by turning off my WI-FI at home, then continuing on watching too much YouTube opps. Since I'm out, I turned it on quick to post, but I gotta go hehe. Enjoy your day/night all!
Carrot And Lentil Soup With Roasted Chickpeas
Leftover carrots mixed with some pantry items plus the colder weather here equals to a Carrot and Lentil Soup creation. This is the thick and creamy type, but feel free to add more stock for a thinner consistency or coconut milk for extra creaminess.
Tomato Bruschetta With Garlic Cashew Cream

I grilled the bread with some olive oil, before layering with the garlic cashew cream (recipe below??) and yellow and red cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces, seasoned with salt and pepper, red onion, basil and balsamic vinegar.

Garlic Cashew Cream
makes about one cup.
1 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight then strained
1/2 cup water
3 garlic gloves (or to taste)
1 1/2 tsp of nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper

Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Magical Green Smoothie Bowl
Earlier this week Katie from @chocolatecoveredkatie posted my Green Smoothie bowl on her account So surreal! (Check my post 12 photos back if you'd like to know what's it in). The opportunities and connections that are made through @instagram just blows my mind. ...I may not even be married to my husband if it weren't for Facebook (which owns Instagram now) We met when we were 11, but when he moved interstate at 12 we lost contact, and I looked him up 12 years later on FB, and it all went from there. So even though I was never a big fan of social media before, I really have discovered that there are some truly beautiful corners to it - My husband, an amazing platform to share my passion and the connection it makes possible with all of you, from all over the world ? I have a lot to thank social media for. Would love to hear how social media has effected you! ☺️
Beetroot Chia Pudding With Cherry Chia Jam And Chocolate Date Sauce
Several different elements making up one messy pink parfait. There's Beetroot Chia Pudding, Buckwheat Smoothie with cherries, beetroot and banana, Cherry Chia Jam (my favourite chia jam yet) and the Chocolate Date sauce I'm obsessed with. I'll put the recipe for the last two below Oh and chocolate nicecream is in there too. It was supposed to be on top but it was a fail, so I replaced it with the buckwheat smoothie. I probably wouldn't have posted this normally, but I'm not letting my perfectionism get in the way as much lately. I just told myself it's not a big deal (and it really isn't) and I can only do my best in the moment.. No beating myself up prevailed, yayyy