Vegetable Rainbow
"We call this the vegetable rainbow. Purple artichokes, golden beets, and carrots doing their own thing in a blood-orange kind of way. Roast them off over high heat and you'll bring some nice flavors to the party. Or just sit back and look at them for a while."
-- @alwaysfeasting
- Choose an assortment of veggies, primarily based on color. In this case, we’re working with root vegetables; carrots, beets, artichokes - veggies that can handle heat and time. Place everything in an earthenware roasting dish.

- Sprinkle liberally with great olive oil and coarse sea salt. Add fresh rosemary, thyme and black pepper to your liking.

- Crank your oven to 425, and if you have a convection setting, even better. Load your dish, and go away for about 40 minutes.

- Open the oven, and turn over the veggies. The bottom should be carmelized, and browned. They should feel soft when poked with a knife. They may feel ready.

- Return the dish to the oven for another 20 minutes. This last step will dismantle any structure left, leaving you with a plate of soft, supple and utterly delicious, beautiful roasted veg.

Enjoy. Repeat.