How to Make a Grilled Fruit & Vegetable Board


Prep time 15mins
Cook time 30mins


  • 5 apricots, halved, pit removed
  • 5 bell peppers, assorted colors
  • 5 small zucchini, thinly sliced
  • 4 plums, halved, pit removed
  • 4 peaches, halved, pit removed
  • 3 ears corn
  • 2 bunches green onions
  • 1 Japanese eggplant, thinly sliced
  • 1 mango, sliced thickly
  • 1 pineapple, peeled and sliced into spears
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cremini mushrooms
  • Olive oil, as needed, for grilling
  • 1 whole burrata, torn
  • Edible flowers, optional for garnish
  • Black pepper, for garnish
  • Flaked sea salt, for garnish


  • Step 1

    Light a grill or heat a grill pan over medium-high heat on the stove. Brush with olive oil. Working in batches, grill the fruits and vegetables, turning as needed, until tender and lightly charred, 3-4 minutes for the apricots, zucchini, plums, peaches, mango and pineapple; 6-8 minutes for the bell peppers, corn, green onions, eggplant; and 8-10 minutes for the mushrooms.

  • Step 2

    Arrange grilled crudité on a board in sections. Serve with burrata and drizzle with olive oil. Garnish with edible flowers, black pepper and flaky sea salt, then serve.