Overnight Rumchata French Toast
"If you have ever been to my home for brunch then you’ve probably had my Overnight Rumchata Challah French Toast. So good!!! It’s perfect for entertaining because most people love it, it looks stunning on your kitchen table, and it’s super easy to prepare. What I love about this recipe is that you can prepare it the night before which will help to achieve a creamy custard and that crispy-airy bite we all love. But if you’re strapped for time you can use these same recipe ingredients and make it in your skillet. <>The first photo is the baked overnight French Toast and the second photo is how it looks when I cooked it in my skillet. Either way, it’s GOOD!"
-- @alittlefoodblog
Recipe Intro From alittlefoodblog

Rumchata is a liqueur that's imfused with cinnamon and vanilla, making it the perfect thing for french toast! This is a great recipe to prepare on Sunday to have breakfast ready for the week, as it needs a nice overnight soak. Serve it with fresh berries and powdered sugar and you're in business!