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"There will come a day when I get bored and cease to make things out of pumpkin... BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! Breakfast was a lovely stack of pumpkin spice pancakes topped with cacao nibs--courtesy of my daddy, who helped me sprinkle them on (you know how they say: teamwork makes the dream work! ) But seriously now, if you're wondering what that creamy stuff is on top of my pancakes, it's a delicious combination of equal parts pumpkin purée and coconut cream, plus some maple syrup and pumpkin spice. I would suggest adding some almond butter for protein. OH, OOH AND DON'T FORGET! I'll be featuring the first winners to my shoutout comp tomorrow! So please, go ahead and enter, because you're awesome and I want to feature your account! (Details in previous posts) #bbpumpkin #mydailystack"
-- @aliandheralmondbutter