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Mexican Hot Chocolate Whoopie Pies

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Back to reality banh mi wraps with miso ginger chicken + sriracha mayo ????
Taking advantage of the new year to introduce myself, since only about 50 of you (at most) know me personally! Here are 5 random facts about me 💁‍♀️ 1. My favorite food is peanut butter (especially with homemade chia seed jam👆) 2. My name is pronounced ASH-LING (it’s Irish and confusing, I know) 3. I grew up in a small beach town in Maine and I live by the beach in Fort Lauderdale - the beach is my happy place! 🌊 4. I secretly, not so secretly, want to be a reggae drummer🥁 5. I love sitting on the floor - you’ll rarely find me on a couch or chair
Copycat ? Levain ? Bakery ? cookies. Guys, these are unreal!! Recipe adapted from @bromabakery
Smashed avocado toast 🥑🍳 Fun fact: in college my nickname was smashling, so I should be calling this smashling’s smashed avo toast
I hate Valentine’s Day, but I LOVE BREAD 🍞 ❤️ do yourself a favor and make @pinchofyum’s miracle no-knead bread for your sweetheart, because what says ‘I love you’ better than bread?!