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French Onion Soup

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We've been striving to make some healthier breakfast recipes so that we avoid grabbing sugary food with our morning coffee! Who can relate? . We bring you....... . HEALTHY MUFFINS 💃🕺 . These muffins are soft on the inside, perfectly crunchy on the outside and feature some superstar ingredients : 🌟Cashew butter 🌟Coconut sugar 🌟Coconut oil 🌟Hazlenut butter 🌟Bergamote 🌟Lemon juice . In short, perfect ☕ companions.
We've been wanting to mix cashew nuts and tomato sauce for quite some time now (like months!) To make a creamy vegan pasta sauce. We finally took the plunge, and we are really excited that we did! It's soooooo creamy and good. . Sometimes our vegan followers ask us how they can make gourmet, delicious, filling recipes at home from our site. So this one if for YOU! ? . Enjoy friends. Your tastebuds will thank you!
This chocolate and pear galette des rois is single handedly responsible for all of my snack breaks throughout the day. If you're thinking of making this recipe, proceed with caution... ⚠️
A warm hug in bowl! Our Dutch split pea soup was inspired by our recent trip to Amsterdam - we had the chance to eat some of the best split pea soup we've ever had while we were there! . We've added some new info to our recipes on the blog and we'd love for you to tell us what you think! . We've added a wine recommendation to our recipes as well as more recommended materials to make the exact same recipe in your home at the end of each post. . Enjoy friends!??
The tastiest 3 mushroom pasta! . 3 kinds of mushrooms, vegetarian, gorgeous flavor, topped with pine nuts and walnuts (our faves) and super simple to throw together. . Recipe is on the blog!
Aloo Palak: one of our absolute favorite Indian dishes! . Gorgeous potatoes and spinach, vegetarian, filled with delicious and aromatic spices and so so good!
Healthy cookie alert!! . Coconut oil + very little sugar + 1 egg + whole wheat flour + dried cranberries, mulberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & linseed. . Crunchy, sweet but not too sweet and all around delicious! . You guys asked for healthier dessert ideas and we have lots more planned to share so stay tuned! ? . Recipe will up on the blog soon.
Carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes and leeks come together in delicious harmony in this veggie tart! A little bit time intensive but worth the effort! . We'll be sharing the recipe and the technique on the blog very soon.
Happy New Year! ? . Starting the new year off with our cosiest, cheesiest recipe : tartiflette! Perfect for this cold and rainy weather we're having in Paris. (Recipe will up on the blog very soon.) . @lecreuset