Vanilla Poached Parsnips With Mushroom & Coffee
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Side Dish

Vanilla poached Parsnips with mushroom/coffee reduction ( for 4 people)

Parsnips 5
Vanilla bean 1/4
Yellow onion 3
Carrots 3
Celeri sticks 3
Button mushrooms 20
Dried mushrooms ( porchini, chanterelles, morels for example ) small handful
Decent balsamic vinegar 1 decilitre
Suger 1 tablespoon
Rosemary 1 nice stick
Coffe 1 tablespoon ( of made up espresso for example)

First make a stock ( it will be used for both poaching and reduction) Boil all onions, carrots, celleri, mushrooms, salt, pepper and dried mushrooms together in a pot for atleast 2 hr on medium heat ( after 2 hr you will want about 500 ml of fluid, maybe start with 1 liter of water)

Split liquid in 2 pots!

To the first reduce liquid to about 1 dl then add 1 dl balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon of coffee, stick of rosemary and let it boil together to a thick consistency ( but don't let it go to long then it goes very sticky and chewy )

To the second pot add 1/4 vanilla bean. Half the parsnips ( save 1) length ways and poach them for 5 min or until soft. Slice the remaining parsnip with a mandolin in too thin strips and fry quickly in hot oil and sprinkle with salt!

Serve together with a leafy salad