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Claire Matern
Brooklyn, NY
My dad sells cheese & taught me the joys of cooking for friends & family

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Italian Herb Rubbed Fontina Olive And Artichoke Grilled Cheese
Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! To celebrate I made an extra melty sandwich with salty chopped olives and marinated artichokes. And I made my own panini press with the weight of a skillet and some cans of tuna (pro tip) I used fontina, a perfect cheese for an extra melty sandwich. This one was rubbed with a mix of Italian herbs, which went perfectly with the olives and artichoke for my Mediterranean inspired grilled cheese. I learned much more about the European style cheeses @yellowdoorcreamery is making when I visited them in Wisconsin. They’ve partnered with the master cheese makers from the National Dairy School ENIL (um..can I go there?) in Mamirolle France (seriously, can I go there?) to introduce centuries-old cheese making techniques here in the US. It was awesome to see their process from curd to aging room for their new Alpine cheeses that will be introduced later this year.
Citrus And Rosewater Farro Salad
I've had rosewater in lots of cakes and sweets (and use it on my face--it's the best moisturizer) but I've never actually used it myself. And since I still have enough cookies around to build a gingerbread house and move in, I definitely didn't want to make anything sweet.
Puff Pastry Tarts With Pear, Apple, Mustard & Stilton
I would put blue cheese on everything I make if that was socially and dietary acceptable. But in this case it is. These puff pastry tarts with pear or apple, mustard and Stilton are perfect for a holiday starter.
Golden Turmeric Almond Milk
It's sunny here but freezing which is the perfect day for a hot drink. Spiced golden milk, my sorta kinda combo of golden milk and a chai latte is a go-to at this time of year.
Couscous With Dried Figs, Pomegranate And Olives
This could truly not be simpler. Couscous falls under the category I call "no-cook" because the only effort you need to make is to boil water, get a bowl out, and cover it all with a tea towel. This one, with sweet dried figs, salty mixed olives and the crunch of almonds is perfect for the holidays or to make a batch of and have through out the week!
Building that cheese board. Look out for an upcoming exciting announcement. Oh, and apologies for all the ass shots, next time I'll be standing on the side.
There's a new video! Click my bio link to see how to make this super easy, fast and delicious "grown up" grilled cheese with caramelized onions, apple, and cheddar!
When you get back from a trip and it's a national holiday so everything's closed--head to Chinatown's supermarkets for ingredients. Later I'll be throwing some whole fish & chicken wings on the grill (that's if I don't succumb to jet lag)
|| NEW VIDEO || ⬆️ link in bio || the best avocado toast! It doesn't have to cost you a trip to a restaurant and $14--a fast, cheap avocado toast with blistered cherry tomatoes, feta and red pepper flakes is great for lazy weekend days when you want to eat in your pjs!