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Spicy Mango Margarita with Jalapeño Infused Tequila

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Chocolate chip rock cakes. 'Don't make them small,' my son said, 'I don't like pebble cakes.' . I've included the recipe for them in November's newsletter. You can subscribe using the link in my profile.
I'm just putting together November's newsletter (out next Sunday!) with all the links to everything I've read and watched and listened to this last month. I'm also thinking of a recipe. October's newsletter included this recipe for Swiss roll with jam and cream. I think it's my favourite cake. You can sign up directly in the link in my profile. (If you sign up today I'll send you October's newsletter later today. Then November's will be out next Sunday. )
My first monthly newsletter is being sent out next Sunday. I thought each month I'd include an egg recipe. This month it's all about homemade ice-cream which I've made today with a rather delicious addition. It's all there on my Instagram stories. I've also spoken for the first time on these little videos. On listening back I think I sound like I've eaten too much sugar...which, I probably have. You can subscribe to my newsletter (featuring books, food and articles from around the web) through the direct link in my profile.
The first day of September. My favourite time of year. A time to reap the rewards of the tree harvest. Only my apple and pear trees have produced fruit this year. Plenty of apple cake.
What else to do on a cold wet day I'll enjoy this in front of a log fire.
I froze the cheese & chive scones after I'd made them a few days ago (well those we didn't eat). Perfect for dipping into.