Orange Cardamom Blondie & Fudge S'mores
"A s'more doesn't have to be plain old graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow! I give you permission to walk on the wildside this summer, and switch up your s'more game! . Here are my "traditional s'more" swap outs to create these delectable Orange Cardamom Blondie & Fudge S'mores! Oh, and P.S. they're also #glutenfree !!! 😲 . Graham Crackers ➡️ Gluten Free Orange Cardamom Blondies Marshmallow ➡️ Homemade marshmallow squares (so much better than store bought) Chocolate bar ➡️ @ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Fudge Carmel Square I'll put up the Blondie recipe later on the blog. 😁 @thefeedfeed #abitebetter #feedfeed #contest"
-- @abitcookbookish