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Orange And Date Muffins
On the blog today we're sharing a naturally sweetened muffin recipe, thanks to the oranges and dates from @steadfastfarm, that make these muffins a perfect and healthy snack! Link in profile!
Quinoa Salad With Golden Beets
We're workin' on a few autumn salads to try and be(e)t the beauty and tastiness of our favorite beet salad (on the blog under "Recipes"!). But we'd love to hear of your your favorite fall salads!
On the blog today,we're sharing a Too Easy, So Good recipe! This Artichoke Parsley Pasta is ready to eat in under 30 minutes, is packed with nutritional goodness, and is a totally pain-free recipe! (PS that beautifully vibrant tasting parsley was locally grown at @steadfastfarm!) in profile. ?
On the blog today we're sharin the recipe for this super colorful quinoa bowl packed with fresh veggies (many coming from @steadfastfarm like those radish shoots and beets!). We're also sharing a few tips on how to save money as you shop for healthy foods to cook healthy meals in your kitchen! Link in profile!
On the blog today we're sharing a healthy snap pea fried rice using many of the greens in our last few CSA boxes from @steadfastfarm. We're also talking about ways to LOVE ❤️ the time spent in your kitchen cooking up something healthy!! Link in profile!
Happy Sunday! We're enjoying a breakfast of healthy whole wheat french toast, topped with banana, strawberries, cinnamon, and flaxseed. ?
On the blog today we're sharing an arugula potato salad with a Dijon vinaigrette that we can't wait to enjoy on Easter! The fresh baby arugula comes from @steadfastfarm and adds the perfect peppery finish! Link in profile!
On the blog today, we've got an easy recipe for roasting up the beautiful and spiraled Romanesco Cauliflower from @steadfastfarm (we're also nerding out about fractals in nature on the blog! ??). Link in profile!
On the blog today we're sharing a beet + chickpea taco recipe! Packed with beautifully colored beets and topped with fresh spring onions from @steadfastfarm. Link in profile!