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Meatballs With Dried Apricot, Basil & Almond Flakes
Hello my sweet little spoonful of happiness family! ??? Today is the national holiday in Belgium so it already has been a lazy day! ? Well, I’ve done a lot for the blog so I was productive as well! ? These meatballs are one of my favorite recipes! ? I eat them mostly in the winter but last week I was craving them so I had to make these meatballs with tomato sauce! ? The tomato sauce is a bit spicy because I added some mustard and curry. For the meatballs I added some soy sauce, red onion, fresh basil, roasted almonds, cumin, mustard, an egg and bread-crumbs! I really love the flavors of this dish! ? For the vegan lovers amongst us, I’m sure you can use meat substitutes and use the same spices! ? Never tried it before tough! But if you do, please let me know! ? Wishing you all an amazing day! ???
Iced Tea anyone? ? I'm completely in love with the teas from @or_tea ? I've combined Tiffany's Breakfast and La Vie En Rose for this super delicious and healthy #icedtea ? Recipe #ontheblog ! Link in bio ?
Goodmorning sweet followers! ?? Yesterday morning I enjoyed this delicious overnight oats ? The little chocolate ball you can see in the middle is a chocolate date ball! ??? Bliss balls are one of my all-time favorite snacks ?? Once and a while I add I bliss ball to my breakfast ?The last two days I didn't sleep well and I felt like a zombie ??? Luckely I had a wonderful sleep this night and I'm full of energy again ??? Recipe: I mixed some oats with a frozen banana and some ricemilk. I used some strawberries for the soft pink color. As for the toppings I used blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranateseeds, red currants, homemade chocolate granola, almond flakes and of course a bliss ball ?? I wish you all a beautiful Sunday! ? Xoxo, Virginie
Goodmorning everyone! ? I should be still sleeping because I went to bed around 03h30 this night but my body decided it was time to wake up around 07h00 ? Yesterday I also woke up around 06h00 on my day off ? And on Monday morning I will probably be a zombie that can't get out of bed ?? Normally I go to sleep between 23h00 and 00h00 on weekends but I had such a wonderful and beautiful night last night that it was all worth it? Sorry boys and girls for the oats porridge / overnight oats / smoothie bowls overload lately hahaha ? I can't get enough of it! ?? Yesterday I cooked almost all day for the blog ? Soon on the blog! ? Lately I'm also in a date chocolate balls fase ??? I made a new batch of date chocolate balls again yesterday, I wonder how long they will last this time! ? While making them it was 'one for me' and 'one for the container' ... ?? There will be soon a new recipe for the date chocolate balls online! To be continued! ? So about yesterday's morning breakfast: Yesterday I had this sooooo delicious and sooooo easy oats porridge for breakfast ? I cooked 50grams oats with 1 ripe mashed banana, some ricemilk and cocoa powder ? For the toppings I used almond flakes, coconut flakes, red currants and some vegan chocolate ?? Easy Peasy! I wish you all a beautiful weekend! ??? Xoxo, Virginie
About last morning... Another overnight oats breakfast bowl ???? It is Thursday night so that means the weekend officially started for me. ? I plan to cook (a lot) this weekend for the blog. Lately I have so much inspiration that I don't know where to start! ? I guess there are worse things right? Tomorrow morning I will first go for a run ? and when I return I'll make some #oatsporridge ? I can't wait to go to sleep ? I love sleep because its like a time machine to breakfast ? Every meal is my favorite part of the day ? I guess you all know what I mean ? I wish you all a beautiful evening! ? Now it's time for some quality time with my little furry friend Louis! ?? Xoxo, Virginie
Goodmorning everybody! ? Another day, another overnight oats! ? Only this time served in a jar ?? Somehow breakfast tastes better when it's served in a jar or beautiful bowl ? I've mixed some oats with milk and strawberries and refrigerated it overnight. I topped it with some homemade chocolate granola, bananas, blueberries and fresh mint ??? Got to go now! Off to work! ? Wish you all a beautiful day! ? xoxo, Virginie
Another shot from the super delicious overnight oats with kiwi ? You can find the ingrediënts in a few posts back a few rows below! Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and variety is as important as quantity. That's why I eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday. No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy so eat plenty everyday.??????????????????? Enjoy your night! ?
** Avocado Lime Dressing ** The perfect dressing to serve with a salad on a hot summer day ??? Although it doesn't really feel like summer lately ? It just keeps raining on and on ?☔?⚡ Rain is life they say. Without it, nothing grows. But now, the rain already destroyed all kinds of crops ? Some people think nature is here to serve us but again the perfect example that nature can't be tamed. You can find the link for the recipe in bio? Love xoxo, Virginie
Another shot from the delicious colored overnight oats I made last week ?? I don't really believe in the so called 'superfoods' term screaming on almost every package nowadays. ? To me, the real superfood are still fruits and vegetables, preferably organic ??? I prefer the most authentic form of the nutrients into my body and absorb them. It is much more healthful than just popping a multivitamin. ? There’s always a new hot thing, but antioxidants are in every fruit and vegetable so I recommend people eat a wide variety, especially the brightly colored ones like wild blueberries, or dark leafy greens like spinach. ???????Make sure you are eating a variety and eating enough each day. Try to have a vegetable at every meal and a fruit two to three times a day ? We need to think about balance and about reducing sugar, fat, and calories, as well as increasing fiber and foods that have vitamins and minerals? We constantly look for this magic bullet ? Today it’s blueberries. Tomorrow it's acai. The next day it's kale. We need to think beyond that — to what we are eating over the entire course of a day and a week, and how is that in balance with our other foods. When it comes to health and wellness, a lot of this is common sense. ?? Hope you are all having a good day! ? Xoxo, Virginie
Hello everybody! ? I wish you all a wonderfull weekend! I just got back home from a 5km walk with my sweet little furry friend Louis! ? Halfway our walk it began to rain cats and dogs! ☔?☔? Now we are both enjoying a warm blanket ??? Earlier this week I enjoyed this overnight oats with cocoa, homemade granola, grapefrui, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, blueberries and roasted almond flakes ? Xoxo, Virginie