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Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers

in partnership with Blue Moose of Boulder
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Snowball Cookeies
Christmas cookies are coming and hopefully some snow in NYC otherwise these snowball cookies will have to do!
The bao are filled with....drumrolllllllll....✨barbacoa✨ made with short rib, ancho chili peppers, chipotle adobo and a mix of some Asian flavors as well!
These chicken karaage tacos aren't the prettiest and I wasn't going to post them but they were so so good I wanted to share the recipe. Also have been binge watching #uglydelicious so I was inspired 😋thanks @davidchang recipe in comment below 👇
These Turkish eggs are tangy, creamy, nutty bliss ☺️and so easy to make! Just warm Greek yogurt over double boiler and stir in minced garlic. Top with poached egg, browned butter with olive oil and red pepper flakes, dill, preserved lemon, pine nuts, and smoked paprika. Perfect with some toast or atop some roasted cauliflower.
Brunch from this morning and by morning I mean 12:30pm 😋check my stories for what's in it!
Mushroom miso noodle soup for the soul ??Basically grab all the mushrooms you can find and throw them into some miso soup for a wonderfully delicious broth. I used shiitake, enoki, and maitake mushrooms. Plus a little fresh ginger, scallions, and a squeeze of lemon for some acid. Then top with a soft and creamy onsen egg ??????
How to beat Monday blues 101. Eat a chocolate babka for breakfast. Also PS I made my first babka! ?
#bombcyclone in full force means snuggling in bed with some tea and newly gifted cookbooks! The MFK Oyster Stew and candied tomato puttanesca from @myrtlewoodpnw have me salivating already ??
Finally tried out these #panbanging cookies from @sarah_kieffer and they are 💥💥💥. I could only fit in two cookies at a time in my tiny oven in my tiny Brooklyn apartment but it was totally worth it 👌🏼
Learned how to make bao and promptly decided to fill it with something a little non traditional. What do you think is inside?? 💁🏻