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How to Make Homemade Cold Brew

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Brunch from this morning and by morning I mean 12:30pm 😋check my stories for what's in it!
Mushroom miso noodle soup for the soul ??Basically grab all the mushrooms you can find and throw them into some miso soup for a wonderfully delicious broth. I used shiitake, enoki, and maitake mushrooms. Plus a little fresh ginger, scallions, and a squeeze of lemon for some acid. Then top with a soft and creamy onsen egg ??????
How to beat Monday blues 101. Eat a chocolate babka for breakfast. Also PS I made my first babka! ?
#bombcyclone in full force means snuggling in bed with some tea and newly gifted cookbooks! The MFK Oyster Stew and candied tomato puttanesca from @myrtlewoodpnw have me salivating already ??
Merry Christmas everyone!! Here are 12 snowball cookies for the 12th and final day of cookies! I don't wanna count how many sticks of butter I went through over the last couple weeks but suffice it to say I gifted many calories to friends and family for Christmas this year ?#12daysofcookies
Rosemary and parmesan shortbread topped with persimmons, blue cheese, and a dash of honey. Perfect for a little Christmas Eve get together! Hope everyone has a wonderful day with loved ones ?#11thdayofchristmas #12daysofcookies
?10 peppermint hot cocoa cookies ?these cookies are an absolute dream! Out of the dozen cookies I made over the last couple weeks, these were ??????also I'm so cookie wasted at this point ?#10thdayofchristmas #12daysofcookies
✨It's almost Christmas y'all ✨time for some eggnog cookies!! #9thdayofchristmas #12daysofcookies
Gingerbread snowflakes for #8thdayofchristmas #12daysofcookies ❄️❄️❄️