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Neapolitan Nice Cream Cake

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Pumpkin Scotch Cocktail
The last cocktail of my Thanksgiving series is a spiced and creamy dessert drink suitable as either a replacement or pairing for pumpkin pie. As an added bonus, it features an ingredient I have previously found intimidating - scotch whiskey. I encourage you to push the limits and never stop exploring new products in your recipes as the resulting growth is incredibly rewarding
Peach Lavender Boardwalk Bay
Planning festivities for the 4th of July? Whip up the Boardwalk Bay in bulk to treat your guests to an unforgettable cocktail experience. Featuring peach lavender syrup, lemon, bourbon and cold brewed black tea, this cocktail is a wonderfully unconventional and refreshing take on the classic whiskey sour.
Cheers to Friday, friends! Let's make the most of the remaining summer weekends ☀️ I'll be sharing my first full-on tiki adventure on the blog this Sunday with two different rums, homemade orgeat, fresh fruit goodness and a successful fire garnish! Hope you're as excited about it as I am 🍹 . 📷: @belenaquinophoto Glass: @gathervintagetables Staw: @westelmchicago
One of the things I love about mixology is that I'm enveloped by continuous innovation. New brands and increasingly more creative product offerings fuel my sense of wonder and challenge me to keep innovating myself. I recently connected with @herbandlous - a Philly brand that creates naturally infused ice cubes for quick and easy mixing with no dilution. Both their Gatsby-esque packaging design and imaginative flavor combinations quickly won me over so I took the opportunity to create a booze-forward and impactful concoction: . The Gilded Stone 1.5 oz @kovaldistillery rye whiskey / 0.5 oz Vya extra dry white vermouth / 1 Clyde infused ice cube (peach with Benedictine-inspired herbs and bitters) / juice of 1/4 lemon . Shake all ingredients until infused ice cube is fully dissolved, then strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh peach 🍑
My husband's family are some of my biggest supporters so it seems only natural to treat them to a new signature cocktail at every family reunion 🍹 This weekend we traveled to Northern Wisconsin, caught up with loved ones, stayed in a beautiful BnB and got plenty of time on the water. Since I knew everyone loved the Irish coffees I made at the last reunion, I decided to try a more summer-friendly variation by blending the concepts of Irish coffee and the affogato. The resulting drink was quite a hit! Cheers to the O'Connors for always creating an occasion to gather and celebrate 🥂 . The O'ffogato 🔸4 oz cold brew coffee 🔸1 oz Irish whiskey (I used @paddywhiskey) 🔸0.5 oz brown sugar syrup* 🔸1 scoop vanilla ice cream . Stir first three ingredients with ice and strain into a small clear glass of your choosing. Top with a scoop of the vanilla ice cream and give the cocktail another stir to get the ice cream to start melting into a decadent top layer. Enjoy with family! . *To make syrup, add 1 cup brown sugar and 2 cups water to a small saucepan and bring to low heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved, then allow to cool. Store excess syrup in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.
I have so much respect for makers who can craft quality small batch, natural mixers that can rival (and sometimes even outperform) fresh juices and syrups. These products are useful no matter your level of experience in mixology as they can demistify good cocktails or inspire seasoned creatives. . I had previously tried out @bootblack_brand 's delicious Cardamom Ginger Lime syrup and was thrilled to receive their newest flavor - Classic Citrus Tonic. While I'm not typically a fan of gin and tonics, this syrup completely changed my mind. Not only is it crisp and perfectly sweetened, but the bitterness is also very approachable. I mixed it with a London dry gin and tart Montmorency cherry juice for some extra tang and really loved the result! . Tart Cherry G+T 🔸1.5 oz London dry gin 🔸1 oz Classic Citrus Tonic 🔸1 oz Montmorency cherry juice 🔸2 oz club soda Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a tall glass over ice. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon slice and serve with a straw.
Imagine the gooey chocolate, charred marshmallow, and cinnamon coated graham cracker components of S'mores in cocktail form and with purer ingredients. Are you drooling yet? This crazy experiment turned out so so right and you can read all of the details on the blog (link in profile). . 📷: @belenaquinophoto Glasses: @gathervintagetables Tools: @viskistyle Slate board: @brooklynslate
Get excited, friends - this torched beauty of a dessert cocktail is hitting the blog tomorrow 🔥 Smoky anejo tequila, chocolate balsamic, Ceylon cinnamon demerara syrup and egg white make quite a winning combination! . 📷: @belenaquinophoto Glass: @gathervintagetables Slate board: @brooklynslate
Sometimes simplicity is the most elegant solution . A great way to speed up your cocktail process while still incorporating complex flavors is to use jams and marmalades instead of simple syrups. Just be sure to adjust your ratios accordingly depending on the sugar content of the jam or marmalade. I had some delicious grapefruit marmalade on hand and tested it out as part of a classed up dark rum daiquiri. The resulting cocktail was refreshingly tart with a rounded sweetness, an introguing grapefruit bitterness and a smooth vanilla finish. . The Dapper Daiquiri 🔸2 oz @oakandcane aged rum 🔸1 tbsp grapefruit marmalade 🔸Juice of 1/2 lime 🔸3 dashes @fivebyfivetonics grapefruit oolong bitters 🔸1 amarena cherry, for garnish . Shake all ingredients other than cherry vigorously with ice, then strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with the cherry on a cocktail spear.
#nationaltequiladay is EXACTLY what I need after a mentally intensive start to the week, and there's no better way to celebrate than with a preview of this delightful summer cocktail. I've been meaning to play with my brulee torch for a while now and finally applied it to craft a healthier, boozy interpretation of S'mores🔥 Look for the recipe on the blog later this week! . 📷: @belenaquinophoto Glasses: @gathervintagetables Jigger: @viskistyle Slate board: @brooklynslate