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Thoughtful, natural mixers that make my life easier when entertaining are essential, and I’m always glad to spread the word on high-quality new products. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing several recipes featuring the brand @herbandlous . Not only are their mixers creatively blended to add all the flavor and complexity a cocktail needs, but they’re in ice cube form. Using a mixer in this way allows you to avoid dilution while achieving the perfect chilled temperature. . This drink features their “Cecile” cube, a fresh blend of watermelon, cucumber, clover honey and thyme. Can you guess what ingredient I added for that vibrant color? . #herbandlous #sponsored
This lovely and surprising beverage is coming to the blog tomorrow, just in time for all of your romantic festivities (because there's more than one way to gift flowers) 😉 . 📷: @belenaquinophoto
I've returned home to Chicago so it's back to reality after an absolutely amazing trip. Our journey to Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia is hands down my favorite trip to date, and I'm so excited to share the cocktail-related highlights with you all. First up is our sunset visit to @attitude_rooftop . I'd heard that rooftop bars were a must in Bangkok and loved our spot at Attitude right by the railing with a stunning view. We came shortly before sunset and got to witness dusk and evening fall and the lights of the city come to life around us. It was a beautiful setting and the drinks were presented extremely thoughtfully!
Over the past week and a half, I've been on an amazing journey to Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. We've enjoyed vibrant local flavors, seen unforgettable sights, and soaked up lots of sun. Today was especially wonderful as we celebrated my birthday in Kuala Lumpur with my dear friend from university, @alexisfam . We visited the bird park, took obligatory tourist photos at the Patronas Towers, enjoyed an amazing fusion meal and cocktails at @manjakualalumpur and finished the night off at one of the best speakeasy bars I've been to - PS150. . This drink is the Palm Rum from Manja, featuring dark Caribbean rum, Aperol, homemade grapefruit bitters, lime and a green apple foam. I appreciated the freshness of their ingredients and the delicate balance of the overall cocktail. It was the perfect place for the occasion and I'm really not ready to leave this tropical wonderland for chilly Chicago!
Chicago has been absolutely frigid for the past few weeks so I've been keeping warm with boozy tea blends ? @anchorspirits sent me a bottle of @thekingsginger and some cozy items for winter hosting with me and they've been just perfect for sharing hot beverages with friends by the fireplace. This lovely blanket from @thefuturekept is made from recycled wool and intended to last a lifetime and the versatile enamelwear tumbler is from @falconenamel . The King's Ginger is an excellent ginger liqueur that packs a punch of spice without being overly sweet. I appreciated this as I could pair it with soothing honey without the drink becoming cloyingly sweet ? . Bundle Up ?8 oz winter spice tea blend* ?1.5 oz cognac ?0.5 oz @thekingsginger ?0.5 oz wildflower honey syrup To make cocktail, allow tea to cool to about 170 degrees, then stir in the other ingredients. Serve with an orange twist. . • To make the tea blend, steep 2 tbsp dried hibiscus flowers, 3 strips of orange peel, 3 cloves and 1 Ceylon cinnamon stick in 4 cups of hot water for about 10 minutes, then strain.
Pumpkin Scotch Cocktail
The last cocktail of my Thanksgiving series is a spiced and creamy dessert drink suitable as either a replacement or pairing for pumpkin pie. As an added bonus, it features an ingredient I have previously found intimidating - scotch whiskey. I encourage you to push the limits and never stop exploring new products in your recipes as the resulting growth is incredibly rewarding
Peach Lavender Boardwalk Bay
Planning festivities for the 4th of July? Whip up the Boardwalk Bay in bulk to treat your guests to an unforgettable cocktail experience. Featuring peach lavender syrup, lemon, bourbon and cold brewed black tea, this cocktail is a wonderfully unconventional and refreshing take on the classic whiskey sour.
Any Wisconsinites following along here? If you went to college in Wisconsin, have lived there for any period of time or have gone to a Wisconsin wedding, you know how much we love our Brandy Old Fashioneds. I combined VSOP brandy, the “Cooper” blood orange and ginger infused ice cube by @herbandlous, and coffee liqueur to create an Old Fashioned that’s rich, spiced and wonderful for winter sipping. As a bonus, it’s also incredibly easy to make! . 🔸1.5 oz VSOP brandy 🔸0.5 oz coffee liqueur 🔸 1 “Cooper” ice cube . Stir all ingredients until cube is dissolved and drink is chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube and garnish with a blood orange slice. . #herbandlous #sponsored
The “Cooper” infused cube by @herbandlous is crafted with blood orange and ginger and imagined to be used with whiskey as an Old Fashioned. As all of us winter citrus lovers know, blood orange season is regretfully short, so I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to enjoy its delicious taste throughout the year. I used a slice of fresh blood orange to garnish this particular cocktail, but I plan to whip up lots of dehydrated slices while blood oranges are in season. I branched out from the suggested recipe to try a different option and loved the results. Stay tuned for details in the next post… . #herbandlous #sponsored
@herbandlous “Cecile” blend of watermelon, cucumber, clover honey and thyme was incredibly refreshing, so I knew I wanted to mix it with an herbaceous London dry gin. While the drink could easily be enjoyed with just those two ingredients, I also added a bit of matcha to the mix for a lovely green hue and a subtle earthy finish. This was easily one of my favorite gin drinks I’ve crafted recently as all of the flavors were present and worked incredibly well together. . 🔸2 oz London dry gin 🔸0.5 oz water 🔸¼ tsp matcha powder 🔸1 “Cecile” ice cube . Shake all ingredients vigorously until cube is dissolved and drink is chilled. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme. #herbandlous #sponsored