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Wild Rice & Radicchio Risotto
"Enjoyed this lunch from the beginning to the end. Wild rice-radicchio risotto topped with scallions and dukkah. Carrots spiced with cardamom & mustard seeds and grilled pumpkin with the cutest name "small fancy". Furthermore smoked and fried tofu plus a sharp-tasting salad sprinkled with a light miso/lime dressing. My tastebuds went as happy as a calm ☺️ How was your day so far? #healthylunch #vegan #pumpkin #tofu"
-- @Heike_Mueller

Recipe Intro From Heike_Mueller
This deconstructed salad's flavors are so exciting- cardamom spiced carrots, mustard seeds, grilled pumpkin with miso-lime dressing, scallions, and dukkah. Taste buds definitely not bored here!