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This has been the winter of our ferment (sorry, Shakespeare...). I have always associated my #fermentation games with late spring and early summer - using fragrant super invaders like Japanese honeysuckle and Rosa multiflora, as well as delicious elderflower and common milkweed flowers. But after making apple vinegar for the first time the world of fruit pairings has opened up. Enter winter spicebush and fir twigs. So this here is a pear and fresh fir (Abies spp) ferment and it is active after just 18 hours! I had left the lid on the jar after tilting it to dissolve the sugar and when I opened it this morning the bubbles were actually airborne. Curious to see how the fir flavor develops. I have used only a few sprigs #firvinegar
Jujube vinegar! Made from those dried jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba) I bought in Chinatown just after Christmas. Kind of quick, too - 3 weeks from start to finish. It smells delicious: fruity, complex, a little like apples, and quite acidic. Now...the durian vinegar (see #jujubeferment ). NOT quite as successful. It turned on me. Kaka - down the drain it went. I can't say why - it was not the inherent funk that was bad. The bacteria just were not happy. And fir branches from our organic holiday tree, ready to be preserved in a bunch of ways. One of the most long lasting flavors I know #1stPlaceBK
The citrus and spicebush games continue. If you have a garden - community or private - and live in USDA zones 4 - 9, seek out this fragrant North American shrub (Lindera benzoin) at a good nursery and plant it. The females produce the aromatic fruit, but the twigs, bark and leaves of males and females are equally scented and useful. And both produce edible flowers in early-early spring. If you can't wait for late summer and a fruit forage you can buy the dried spicebush fruit from Integration Acres (they call it Appalachian allspice, its other common name) #nativeflavor
Playing with citrus and spicebush sugars and salts - mostly for drinks but great for cooking, too. Inbetween chiropraction (still not sure if it's a great idea for a slipped disc), X-rays, a lot of semi supine hours, tons of anti inflammatories (over the counter plus turmeric paste and chiles 🌶), stretches... Send good thoughts to my lumbar vertebrae 😨 In other news, Trump sinks to new lows, Hawaii is told a ballistic missile is inbound, and yesterday we killed a mosquito in the bedroom. In January. End times #2018sofar
The good part of today: playing with beautiful citrus - blood and Cara Cara oranges, Meyer lemons, and *AND* my first ripe and juicy and perfumed Thai lime, picked from one of the bedroom trees. Plus lime leaves and cardamom - also bedroom grown... The shitty part of today involves a herniated disc. Let's focus on the citrus ???? #citrusseason
Spicebush (Lindera benzoin) twigs, already in bud and waiting to break loose... Working on a story for @ediblebrooklyn #spicebush
Toast With Radish And Cottage Cheese
Bright beautiful radishes from the tiny farmers market round the corner. Cottage cheese because my Frenchman loves it. Leaves because I want him to live forever
Japanese Knotweed Hummus
Last spring I began making hummus with Japanese knotweed, which is very tart. Now my mouth is watering for it. Follow the profile link for the recipe and the goods on this big, bad weed. #japaneseknotweed #hummus
Rolled Tomato And Pesto Soufflé
Rolled tomato souffle stuffed with a pesto of cooked invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), pecans, garlic and parmesan. This was one of the snacks I took along on a forage walk in Prospect Park.