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Japanese Knotweed Hummus
Last spring I began making hummus with Japanese knotweed, which is very tart. Now my mouth is watering for it. Follow the profile link for the recipe and the goods on this big, bad weed. #japaneseknotweed #hummus
Bird. Begun on the braai (that's barbecue, for non South Africans). Heritage Day in South Africa means roast chicken perfumed with pawpaw (Asimina triloba), ginger, turmeric and makrut in Brooklyn. It is hot at the end of September - very odd after the even odder August that felt like fall #heritageday
Post forage cocktail: Elderberry gin, makrut leaf, and tonic. It has been a crazy-good year for chokeberries (Aronia melanocarpa). They are actually juicy now and I will pick again in autumn to compare flavors. Still plenty of very ripe black cherries (Prunus serotina) hanging in there. I also found some huge and succulent amaranth and lots of lambsquarters in green seed #forage66
Egg in a sheep sorrel nest. You've heard of meatballs? Well, meet greenballs (I know. Sounds like a fungal condition - alternative suggestions welcome!) #forage66
Elderberries. I do prefer the flowers' flavor, but the juiciness of the fruit is hard to ignore. I spent an hour stripping these - thank goodness for Netflix #forage66
'Before the meat.' Garden salad. Waiting for the boerewors to come from the fire. And some ramp leaf mashed potatoes - the happiness of making ramp oil in spring... Plus! We saw a baby possom in the garden. We love the possums #brooklynbackyard
Avocado oil makes beautiful mayonnaise. It has been a good few days of tomato sandwiches (purslane makes an excellent addition). I wait a long, long time to eat real tomatoes. Worth it #tomatosandwich @latourangelleartisanoils
Lunch. Local scallop. Cattail pollen. Sweet white clover (Melilotus alba). Sweetfern (Comptonia peregrina) salt. Smoked bacon. Happiness #forageandharvestbook for @chelseagreenbooks