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A quick and easy treat, featuring plenty of healthy fruit, this Copycat Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie is a spot on duplicate of your favorite cafe’s frozen treat. An indulgent breakfast to share, a perfect dessert, even a special snack- this smoothie is what sweet memories are made of! Get the #recipe at or by clicking the link @4sonsrus.
A rich, creamy, savory mac and cheese is hard to beat, and the recipe for one is a golden ticket, enjoy the keys to the kingdom with our Smoked Macaroni & Cheese. A bit of smokiness is the key to the Mac & Cheese Kingdom. Get the #recipe at or by clicking the link @4sonsrus.
A creamy Chicken Florentine and Farfalle pasta dish is the ultimate Italian American comfort food. Lunch, dinner, no matter what this dish- featuring chopped rotisserie chicken, fresh baby spinach, and tangy Parmesan- is made to be something quick & easy that’s sure to satisfy anyone. Get the #recipe on our site at by searching ‘chicken Florentine’.
The grilled cheese you grew up with might not be enough to fill you up these days. No worries! This Roast Beef & Smoked Gouda Grilled cheese sandwich is hearty enough for the hungriest men in your life, whether it’s lunch or dinner, and so good- that they might not believe you when you tell ’em it’s homemade. Get the #recipe on our site at or click the link @4sonsrus .
If you grew up in the South pasta salad was (and still is) a staple, but it typically just involves plain pasta and some sort of mayonnaise base. Shake things up with this fun new twist- Pepperoni & Basil Tortellini Salad, in a creamy Caesar dressing with sliced sweet grape tomatoes too. Get the #recipe by searching ‘tortellini’ on our site at
Potato salad is a Southern staple, but just like your wardrobe- it’s a dish that needs to be updated for the season. This Warm Mustard & Herb German Style Potato Salad is a cold weather ‘must-have’, seasonal side dish. Get the #recipe at or by clicking the link @4sonsrus .
If you thought you loved rice before, get ready to fall in love with it all over again in this Buttered Bacon Crunch Rice version. Crispy golden browned bits of rice are stirred with regular fluffy white bits, savory bacon, and topped with a delightful pecan crunch. It’s a simple Southern side dish wonderland! Get the #recipe on our site at or by clicking the link @4sonsrus .
It seems more people are turning to hand tossed pizza dough, but I still prefer the pan style crusts from when I was a kid. These Easy Cast Iron Pan Pizzas with Perfect Crust have the best crispy, oiled golden brown crust. Fix ’em up with your favorite toppings for an easy, at home experience you won’t soon forget. Get the #recipe on our site or click the link @4sonsrus .
This isn’t your Dad’s game day chili. Our Creamy White Chicken Chili has a rich, creamy broth studded with chunks of rotisserie chicken, corn, and green chilies seasoned with a zesty blend of savory spices. It’s pure comfort food, and fits the bill for just about any occasion. Get the #recipe at or click the link @4sonsrus .
A quick & easy weeknight meal, comfort food like this flavorful Cheesy Ground Beef And Rice Casserole is studded with kid friendly veggies and a creamy cheesy topping, making it a dinner kids will love and the answer to many a busy parent’s prayers. Go to and get the #recipe by searching for ‘ground beef’ on our site.